Latest SEO techniques in 2023 to rank your website on top searches

Driving organic traffic to the website or the content is always a requisite for everyone to enhance the business. Qualified organic traffic to your content is a salient factor to enhance the authority and hence the ranking. Once the website is ranked in the top searches, obviously will ameliorate the business. This is the reason why search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most prominent in Digital Marketing. The consistency in qualified ranking followed by an SEO, rather than paid online advertisements is another rationale to go for optimizing the website. The search engine algorithms, especially the Google algorithm focus to rank the most user-friendly content on its search listings. Let us discuss some of the latest SEO ranking techniques that will help you to acquire better search rankings.

1. Improve user experience throughout the website

Google always gives the first and foremost priority to its users. Hence, the ranking will unequivocally be based on user-friendliness and user experience. If your website is not having enough quality, no doubt that it will be a tough job for you to rank for your target keywords. Nobody wants to get into an irrelevant search result. Hence the Content should be optimized for relevant keywords and it should have enough quality. The search engine analyses the behavior of the user on a corresponding search result and will determine whether to rank better or not. How much time a user spends time on that page is a factor to decide the behavior. It realizes that the more the visitor stays on the page more user user-friendly it is. If the user returns very soon from that website, that is the bouncing rate of the website is high, which means that the particular content is not relevant. The click-through rate will also define the relevance of the website.

2. Content Optimisation

Rather than focusing on optimizing content only according to the search result, it is recommended to optimize the content according to the relevance and user experience. Optimization of content through white hat SEO techniques will improvise the quality of the website. The priority of the keywords within the content will be determined by the placements and frequency of the keywords. Focusing the keywords in the heading tags according to the priority and relevance will enhance content optimization.

3. Website Loading time

Website loading time is a very big factor in search engine ranking. A quality website will have the least loading time. Increased loading time will make the user frustrated and thus jump for the next better result. Hence the ranking possibility depends on the loading time of the website. Site speed or loading time may be due to a variety of factors such as server issues, image loading time, complexity in codes, etc. Enabling the Compression of codes and images on the website is a method to enhance the site loading speed.

4. Quality backlinks

High-quality backlinks are the backbone of search engine ranking all the time. Rather than having a large number of backlinks, having quality backlinks are important. More qualified links to the website increase the authority and hence the search ranking. Similarly, more bad links to the website will decrease the search ranking. Participating in some black linking building techniques will adversely affect your ranking possibility. Editorial links to the website from websites with high domain authority will enhance the ranking.

In all sense, google or every search engine considers the user experience as the prime indication for ranking. Hence it is said that the optimization is to be done for users, not for the search engines.

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