Alternate Page with Proper Canonical Tag Status: What’s the Buzz in Google Search Console?

Alternate Page with Proper Canonical Tag” Status in Google Search Console

Hey there fellow website navigators! 👋 Ever found yourself scratching your head over the “Alternate Page with Proper Canonical Tag” issue in Google Search Console? Fear not; you’re not alone! Let’s dive into this mystery together, understand what’s going on, and most importantly, find a solution.

The Confusion: “Alternate Page with Proper Canonical Tag”

So, you’re cruising through Google Search Console, keeping an eye on your website’s health, and bam! There it is – the “Alternate Page with Proper Canonical Tag” issue. What does this even mean, and why should you care?

Imagine your website as a library 📚, with different copies of the same book scattered around. Each copy might have a few tweaks – maybe it’s in a different language or tailored for mobile users. Now, Google is fantastic, but it might get confused about which version is the VIP, the main edition.

Why It Matters?

Here’s the deal: Google uses something called canonical tags to figure out which version of your page is the boss, the one it should primarily show in search results. If there’s a mix-up with these tags, your SEO game could take a hit. And no one wants that, right?

Understanding Scenarios

1. Multilingual Mayhem 🌐: If your site speaks multiple languages, Google wants to know which one is the star. The canonical tag is like your tour guide, showing Google the way to the main attraction.

2. Responsive Web Riddles 📱: With responsive design, your site might wear different outfits for various devices. The canonical tag shouts, “This is the lead actor, no matter the screen size!”

Now, Let’s Fix It!

Enough with the drama – let’s get down to business and fix this “Alternate Page with Proper Canonical Tag” issue.

1. Check Those Tags:

  • Dive into your website’s code and find those canonical tags. Make sure they’re correctly pointing to the main edition, your SEO superstar.

2. Content Consistency:

  • Are your alternate pages singing the same tune as the main edition? Consistency is key for Google to groove to your website’s rhythm.

3. Google Search Console Check-Up:

  • Head to Google Search Console – it’s like your website’s health check. Look for the “Alternate Page with Proper Canonical Tag” status. It’ll spill the beans on what’s going on.

4. Fetch and Render Magic:

  • Use the “Fetch and Render” tool in Google Search Console. It’s like a sneak peek behind the scenes. See how Googlebot views your pages.

5. Crawling Conundrums:

  • If Googlebot is stuck in a maze, guide it out. Make sure your website is easy to navigate, with a clear path to the main edition.

6. International Charm (For Multilingual Sites):

  • If your site is a language polyglot, tell Google about it! Use the International Targeting feature in Search Console to ensure your content reaches the right audience.

Smooth Sailing Ahead 🚀

There you have it! The “Alternate Page with Proper Canonical Tag” issue demystified. It’s like giving your website a GPS system – clear directions for Google to navigate smoothly.

Remember, SEO is a journey, not a destination. Regularly check Google Search Console, keep those canonical tags in check, and your website will be sailing smoothly in the vast ocean of search results. Happy navigating!

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